Ukrainian Embroidery: Kirovohrad

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Vlad Gerasimov 19 May
May 19 is the Ukraine Embroidery day! This picture is dedicated to the Kirovohrad region. From ancient times in Ukraine poppies were consecrated. People and cattle were sown with them. People believed that the poppy has a magical power that protects against all evil. Poppy motifs can be seen on the shirts of the Kirovohrad region.

Nick Khomchuk 19 May
It’s awesome, Vlad. Thank you!
Kelcey 20 May
Ukrainian embroidery is so beautiful and this is a lovely tribute.
Roberta Hudgins 21 May
J.D. Haltigan 23 May
Is the link for this one down? Wonderful work!
Vlad Gerasimov 23 May
J.D. Haltigan - fixed, thanks for letting me know!
Jonas Nordlund 27 May
Wow, a lot of the store stuff looks so good with this one!

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